Thursday, May 23

Bergaya cara Elly !

Okay dear lovely dovey cutey googly money , just given a few tips for people out there to discover my way of fashion. aku bertudung jadi mungkin aku boleh kongsikan macam mana nak padankan baju dengan tudung atau seluar atau etc etc . here , simple and the most cun ways of mine , aku padan kan baju peplum dengan shawl . but, the way aku pakai shawl aku buat macam bawal, derstand ? tutorial kat utube ;D
gamba aku takdok lagi but i will quickly masukkan dalam blogger as fast as i could.
exactly like this ! 
then , about pants , sekarang trend seluar macam macam kan ? tapi ade satu yang aku nak cari, tapi sampai sekarang tak dapat . lupakan pasal tuh . candy jeans ! macam mana nak gayakan dengan tudung ? well . .

yep , macam atas ni , u also can wear it with tudung . and make sure lengan panjang to cover up your stuff instead.
another, clothy yang cute with lengan baju yang lebar  . i love this much !

i had wearing this once , white colour , with purple candy jeans , then aku padankan dengan tudung halfmoon purple.

this kind of peplum pun cun , lengan lebar dan tak nampak terlalu ketat kat bahagian legan.
then , next , baju seterusnya , awesome , cantik and ofcourse boleh pakai dengan tudung .

cun kan ? aku suka yang ini !
yaa , jujur , aku memang SHOPAHOLIC . even though kene merayu rayu dekat mama nak duit , hoho . dan aku juga seorang yang gilakan fashion especially yang Latest termasuklah kasot , beg , baju , jean , tudong , etc etc . but, aku bukan jenis yang terlalu lalu lalu lalu obsess sampai sanggup berhabis duit , aku masih lagi menabung . Mashaallah ! dunia dunia ~

Saturday, April 20


Okay , sekarang ni tengah wabak gwiyomi . selepas 'Gangnam Style' and 'Harlem Shake' ==' Fyi, gwiyomi tu maksudnye comel . well , if malaysian's girl follow a korean-gwiyomi-style like hentak hentak kaki kat lantai , atau menyungil mcm duckface or buat suare macam mintak baleng kerusi kat muke , korean will find it gwiyomi buat malaysian will find it gedik . kan ? tapi tak semue jugak mcm tu , malaysian has their own accent , they will find it comel . here's some easy lyrics for gwiyomi by hari :

choko meopin han jogak sikyeonoko
(Odered a set of chocolate dessert)

gosohan uyuhanjaneul gidaryeoyo
( Waiting for a glass of delicious milk )

oppahago nahago kkok maju anjaseo
( Sitting with brother and facing each other )

seoro sonbadak wie yeppeun nakseoreul hajyo
( We draw some beautiful logo on each other palm)

hannun paljima nuga mworaedo naekkeo (naekkeo)
(Don’t look at who or anywhere, you’re mind (you’re mind) )

dareun yeojarang maldo seokkjima nan nikkeo (nan nikkeo)
( Don’t chat with other girl, i’m yours (i’m yours) )

saekki songarak geolgo kkok yaksokhaejwoyo
( Tick fingers and promise well )

jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro
( Promise won’t leave me alone )

ildeo hagi ileun gwiyomi
( 1+1 = little cutie )

ideo hagi ineun gwiyomi
( 2+2 = little cutie )

samdeo hagi sameun gwiyomi, gwigwi gwiyomi gwigwi gwiyomi
( 3+3 =little cutie,little cutie,little cutie)

sadeo hagi sado gwiyomi
( 4+4 = little cutie )

odeo hagi odo gwiyomi
( 5+5 = little cutie )

yukdeo hagi yugeun jjokjjokjjokjjokjjokjjok gwiyomi nan gwiyomi
( 6+6 = kiss*6, little cuttie, i’m little cutie )

video ? bawah ni . sumber : youtube .

Saturday, March 16

A gifts of a Friendships :')

assalammualaikum b-loggers !
as u know everybody got their partner to share , to care about , to laugh and cry . i also got mine too ! what ? only u had a die-ever-friendship ? i also lahh ! mohon jealous ! :p . . well . . this is some short bio of her :

> Nur Fatin Shabiha Bt. Fadil
> sweet 7teen
22 june 1996
> Smk Seri Pinang
> well high , not too short not too high
> Love Nature and ecologist wannabe
> Biologist prove her that she's a girl :p 
she is perfect , naturally beauty , lovely and crazy though . plus , dia TERSANGAT LAH COMEL ! tak percaye ? comes here , sit back and take a look at those cute picture of her .

Cameron's ! 

i'm in the green one , and Fatin next to me .
She will be the first person that i will looking for when i had a problem neither big or small . she always listen and always had a conclusion . givin' me a really useful advice even though sometimes she is busy doing her work but i don't care . when i feel wanna talk , i just talk to her . i don't know why i did it - i just did .

to my beloved friendship : sorry for take your picture without your permission , promise will take a really good care . i love u  ! :')

Wednesday, March 13

Read Those Same Book Again (happy wednesday)

Assalammualaikum my dear readers :)
same book ? again ? yeahh . to nice to re-read those old memory books :') now , playing soft song make me feel really calm and those memory flash back on my mind right now . ohhmagod elyy ! u better don't ! if u don't want to 'tepuk sebelah tangan' so u better don't think about him ! :'( 
even though he always put up a statement about u, that doesn't mean he love u okay ? it just a post to attract people to 'like' it . got a nickname ? yeah . its NAY . haha . sound like keling but he like it . so what ? :p
sorry for being stalker . hehe . just a confession . i stalk his profile . glaad he had a facebook account plus twitter . hehe . then , truthly , i miss u gendut .
okay , bye .
sweet . . and jealous ! haha 

Saturday, March 9

webcam webcam !

actually , old picture . just found it at my comppy , just sharee . klaka . haha . okay dah . merapu merapu .   selamat menonton !

haha ! anok sapo la ni .

aiman , lil brother :)

find the tahi hidung if u terror ! :p

okay , dah habes dahh ! :D

Something to Look on !

today , habeskan mase di luar rumah dengan bergambar gambar . release stress kan ? :') 
enjoy !

 with my little sis !

Friday, March 8

Midnight and Morning

Assalammualaikum wahai cinta comel sayang gemok !

now , 3:54 am and still can't sleep :( a lot of thing just hit me these days . felt like crying , dying , and waayy to hurts :'( why must all this happened to me ? only the Greatest Allah know how badly i felt . neway , the tittle above explain everything i think. midnight and morning. are they related ? actually , what i want to brought forwards are about myself. 

sometimes i feel my minds was like dying inside, also my soul and hearts too :'( but all i just do is control my emotion and acts like nothing happened on me instead of showing everybody that i feel really bad and annoying . just smile and prove that i'm strong enough to get through this craziest piglet things ! nobody understand me , nobody try to calm me . reality, nobody cares . 

now, all i wanna do is seek to Allah . only Allah that understand me and only Allah want to listen to me . take care everyone . :')
smile ! there's no problem that cannot be resolved.
 just a confession. bye.