Saturday, March 16

A gifts of a Friendships :')

assalammualaikum b-loggers !
as u know everybody got their partner to share , to care about , to laugh and cry . i also got mine too ! what ? only u had a die-ever-friendship ? i also lahh ! mohon jealous ! :p . . well . . this is some short bio of her :

> Nur Fatin Shabiha Bt. Fadil
> sweet 7teen
22 june 1996
> Smk Seri Pinang
> well high , not too short not too high
> Love Nature and ecologist wannabe
> Biologist prove her that she's a girl :p 
she is perfect , naturally beauty , lovely and crazy though . plus , dia TERSANGAT LAH COMEL ! tak percaye ? comes here , sit back and take a look at those cute picture of her .

Cameron's ! 

i'm in the green one , and Fatin next to me .
She will be the first person that i will looking for when i had a problem neither big or small . she always listen and always had a conclusion . givin' me a really useful advice even though sometimes she is busy doing her work but i don't care . when i feel wanna talk , i just talk to her . i don't know why i did it - i just did .

to my beloved friendship : sorry for take your picture without your permission , promise will take a really good care . i love u  ! :')