Wednesday, March 13

Read Those Same Book Again (happy wednesday)

Assalammualaikum my dear readers :)
same book ? again ? yeahh . to nice to re-read those old memory books :') now , playing soft song make me feel really calm and those memory flash back on my mind right now . ohhmagod elyy ! u better don't ! if u don't want to 'tepuk sebelah tangan' so u better don't think about him ! :'( 
even though he always put up a statement about u, that doesn't mean he love u okay ? it just a post to attract people to 'like' it . got a nickname ? yeah . its NAY . haha . sound like keling but he like it . so what ? :p
sorry for being stalker . hehe . just a confession . i stalk his profile . glaad he had a facebook account plus twitter . hehe . then , truthly , i miss u gendut .
okay , bye .
sweet . . and jealous ! haha