Friday, March 8

Midnight and Morning

Assalammualaikum wahai cinta comel sayang gemok !

now , 3:54 am and still can't sleep :( a lot of thing just hit me these days . felt like crying , dying , and waayy to hurts :'( why must all this happened to me ? only the Greatest Allah know how badly i felt . neway , the tittle above explain everything i think. midnight and morning. are they related ? actually , what i want to brought forwards are about myself. 

sometimes i feel my minds was like dying inside, also my soul and hearts too :'( but all i just do is control my emotion and acts like nothing happened on me instead of showing everybody that i feel really bad and annoying . just smile and prove that i'm strong enough to get through this craziest piglet things ! nobody understand me , nobody try to calm me . reality, nobody cares . 

now, all i wanna do is seek to Allah . only Allah that understand me and only Allah want to listen to me . take care everyone . :')
smile ! there's no problem that cannot be resolved.
 just a confession. bye.