Saturday, April 9

trying to pickup some nonsense story about love

oukeyh ! Like everyone know all about love . yes , love is love , as you knoe know , 

love knows no young o old ,
love knows no ugly o pretty ,
love knows no rich o poor ,
love knows no to where we stay ,
so people often call love is blind .

half of people doesn't believe in true love like me exactly  ,  because i thnnk think thats nonsense ! true love just testing us how to manage the situation when you truly in  love ( for me if you ask ) . feeling scare , happy . . like Shah Rukh Khan  says : love can make us turn to merah Red :] 
and sometimes love make us forget all the misfortunes , because we just thinking of one , the people who make us so mad crazy ! others , people always think that love just buang wasting our time . not really , because my mama says : without love , we are not supposed to be like what we like . 
at first , i dont understand what my mama trying to cakap says , but when i thinking for a long time [three month i think :p] , yess ! i got it ! what my mama trying to say is , if we do not like what we would like , so we can't be like what we like ! 
understand urself ! :p